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关于科学的英语作文 对科学的态度英语作文

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篇一:《英语作文Science and technology》

Science and technology

Science and technology have been bringing human beings tremendous benefits. Thanks to science and technology, we now live comfortably and conveniently in houses furnished with air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and televisions etc. thanks to science and technology, we can eat fresh vegetables at the year round. Thanks to science and technology, we can travel tong distances in the fraction of a second on planes, trains and cars. Thanks to science and technology, we wear clothes with synthetic materials which can not easily be worn out.

However, science and technology have also brought us a tot of disasters. First, because of the many breakthroughs in the field of medicine, people are now living much longer than they used to. As a result, the population of the world is increasing, causing tots of problems. Second, because of the development of industry, tots of the wastes from factories pour into the air and rivers, causing pollution of at kinds. Third, some terrorists are using science and technology against mankind. They use biological, chemical and unclear weapons to threaten world peace

so its urgent that we find ways to solve these problems. But we should not stop the development of science and technology because of these disasters they bring, just as we should not give up eating for fear of choking. In addition, we should make some rules to regulate our actions. As long as we use science and technology in a proper way, they may bring us even more benefits.





What technology really brings to us

Technology has been highly developed to improve human’s life. Nowadays, we have the technology that enables us to talk to friends across the ocean, to manage our schedules and even to finish most of the activities in our daily life. But do all these really give us a happier life? Does technology really take us to the day we wanted when we invented it? In this essay I’m going to discuss the effect technology has in reality.

As is always the case, something new will definitely do us good in some way. For instant, huge amount of labor work has been reduced due to the First Technology Evolution. It’s also undeniable that new technology breaks the isolation of time and distance, which makes it possible for us to share our points and views all over the world just on a click. People have been happy and enjoyed talking with SMS, email instead of sending a real letter or have a direct meeting for over decades of years.

However, is the above the life we really want? Not really. Technology seems to make everything real time. Actually, it’s not. New methods like SMS give people more time to “think” before they talk to each other, before they present their thoughts. Gradually, people begin to lose the ability to chat in real time. They rely too much on the time behind an SMS or an email. The lack of direct communication, which we usually refer to as “Face to Face”, results in even more reliance on the delayed communication. Technology, instead of helping people jump out of the circle made of time and distance, has made another circle itself trapping people to the fear of making a real communication.

For me, I don’t think that technology is leading us to a bright future that it was supposed to. It’s rather creating another situation called “We are alone together”. Making the best of the technology doesn’t just mean let it invade every single room in our life. Only being used properly can it really bring us a happier life.


Science and technology change our life

With the rapid development of science and technology, our daily life has been changed a lot. New technological inventions begin to play an essential role, for example, the robot can help us clean up and finish much homework. As a result of that, we can spare more time to be dedicated to our job, and we are able to be fully exposed to our hobbies.

Always have some time to hope that their cell phone is Hello, you dial the number temporarily unable to connect state. So, we all need a jacket that can mask the mobile phone signal. Dancepants sports music is designed to be two Lithuania designers. The clothes made of this fiber can be used to convert the temperature of the human body into electrical energy, which can be driven by electronic devices such as MP3 players.

Respite of that, some disadvantages of technological inventions may appear. The excessive use of high technology can also make our life be passive. The majorities of us will become lazier men, and they are unwilling to explore minds any longer.

All in all, the improvement of science and technology can smoothly increase the standards of peoples life. On the other hand, it may lead to the laziness of peoples behavior and mind.


Do science and technology change our lives for the better or for the worse?

Nowadays,with the development of science,our life has a geat historic change than before. Simultaneously,the changes were so rapidly that taking so many problems. The argument about the development of science and technology hence became ineluctable.

Some people held the view that the development of science and technology was good. They believed that the advantage outweighed the disadvantage. Owing to the development of science and technology,our life could get great abundant and convenient. The invention of electric light,new transportation,Internet --Nobody did not benefit from the development of science and technology. Comparing with the past time,the health of human and the standard of our life had changed a lot...... Nothing what having great improve did not depend on the development of science and technology. We would lose everything we had got if we lost it. However,the other people insisted that the disadvantage outweighed the advantage. The matters that science and technology took were unprecedented in spite of benefiting from the development of science and technology. The first problem was the pollution. It was the most immediate problem that the science and technology took. Not only our water,but also our food became more and more insecure due to the pollution. Moreover,we must care about our world to ensure it did not ruin by the war that new technology supported. The destruction of science and technology was lethal and unimaginable. Nevertheless,there was another thing we have to face:the MRSA. Nowadays,the modern means of science and technology couldnt deal with this problem caused by itself. So they had to say that the development of science and technology enhanced the fatalness of our life.

Anyway,every coin has its two sides. So,we should be more dialectical when we do with the problem. Only in this way could we let the science and technology serve for human better and better.


Dear Mr. President,

I’d like to show my opinions on students’ scientific and technological abilities for innovation and give some suggestions. I don’t think our school is well engaged in improving students’ innovation abilities. In my eyes, students in our school do little innovative jobs other than study. In most of their part time, they listen to music, read books, or play computer games, which needn’t be much creative.{关于科学的英语作文}.

In order to improve abilities for innovation, firstly university leaders can show the importance of innovation by lectures, posters, etc. Then secondly, lessons and atmosphere in class can be improved by teachers, for example, to encourage creative thinking and innovative assignments. Finally, large numbers of creative activities such as scientific inventions also help a lot. By participating in those activities, students can not only be more creative, but also enrich their lives.

In a word, scientific and technological innovation is of great importance. With more excellent and creative students in science and technology, our school will be more powerful, so will our country.




 总论{关于科学的英语作文}.

 科技是一把双刃剑

Improvement in science and technology is a double-edged sword, offering comfort and convenience to life, while simultaneously bringing harm and pain to people.{关于科学的英语作文}.

 When the development of science and technology brings mankind plenty of profits, it also brings us severely negative effects.

 积极影响:positive effects



New scientific discovery and technical revolution are changing the social mode of production, promoting the development of the social productivity


With the rapid development of science and technology,peoples material and spiritual life have been greatly improved


Modern scientific and technological achievements are widely used to make peoples leisure life rich and colorful, such as online games, listening to music, watching movies, etc.

3、极大地开阔了人类的视野和对物质世界的认识水平。improve humans cognitive ability and knowledge

Science and technology has greatly broadened our vision and understanding of the material world level


With the advance of the science and technology, the power of human being to conquer natural disasters is so increasingly improved that the confidence of human is greatly strengthened.


Science and technology make human enjoy better medical conditions

Mans life span has been increased with the advance of the medical science.

 消极影响:


1、it can cause global warming,the damage of ecological balance,the

acceleration of species extinction rate and more frequent extreme weather 2、高科技拉大了富国与贫国的差距

Technology has widened the gap between rich and poor countries


Modern technology challenges the traditional culture


Modern technology challenges our ethics and morality.


The improvement of science and technology causes negative impacts on human security and peace


High-tech and life

Nowadays, kinds of new technology are being discovered and produced. And all these technologies apply to various aspects such as agricultural, industrial, military, school, daily life and the rest.

With so many high technologies, what has changed in our life? And how the high-tech influence the world?

Hybrid rice is a good example of the high-tech on the agricultural. In the past, there are many people starved to death. However, Yuan Longping who dedicated all his time to cultivate the hybrid rice to save the hanger of the world..


High technology is as well as important to military. Atomic, bomb, h-bomb, aircraft are the best representative. Delays are dangerous. If a country want to be strong, it’s required powerful military strength. Then no country dare to encroach upon you easily.

But, every coins has two sides. Even though high military is benefit to the country, what’s worried about is that some people, some country would abuse these high-tech products just like the World War Ⅱ. Thus people and counties are supposed to adopt the right attitude to the high-tech.{关于科学的英语作文}.

Though high-tech is so benefit to our life ,it’s anticipated to be mastered by kind people rather than the devil.

High-tech can make or break our life. With the proper purpose, it’ll serves you, otherwise, it’ll kill you.

篇八:《2014考研英语作文范文 科技与生活》


2014考研英语作文范文 科技与生活











As is vividly depicted by the picture above, a traveler happily starts his journey by

high-speed railway from Guangzhou to Wuhan. In the year of 2009, Wuhan-Guangzhou

high-speed railway went into operation, reducing travelling time from 12 hours to 3 hours, bringing much convenience to the transportation between the two cities①。 No wonder the

caption in the picture says “with the Wu-Guang high-speed railway, cities far away is just like a place nearby”。

Science and technology are the primary productive forces② and have been playing a key role in the national economy development. On the one hand, progress in science and technology has promoted economic and social progress greatly. Take the high-speed railway as an example. Firstly, the railway becomes a new engine③ of booming of regional economic. Secondly, the railway helps to attract a lot of tourists, so that tourism in these cities flourishes. Last but not the least, the load of the existing transportation network can be released to a great extent. On the other hand, with the development of science and technology, such as the operation of

high-speed transportation, video phone, webcam meeting, the world has become smaller and smaller.

It has long been a tradition for Chinese government to attach great importance to the

advances④ in science and technology. Science and technology has successfully shaped an entirely new image of China on global stage via the two grand world events, 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo. It is strongly advised that young people should devote themselves into the study of science and technology for “better city, better life”。






① reducing…, bringing…: 并列的两个现在分词短语作状语。

② Science and technology are the primary productive forces: 科学技术是第一生产力。这是任何一篇与科技相关的文章都可以用的万能句型。

③ a new engine: 一个新的引擎,这是一个形象的比喻,把科技对经济发展的动力表达得非常具体、形象。

涉及到科技、发展、环境等题目时,不可避免的就需要用到发展这个词,本文中 “发展”,多次出现,作者采用了多样化的词汇: “development(n.)”,“progress (n.)”,“flourish(v.)”,“boom(v. /n. )”,“advance”。

这类词汇还有: “prosperous(adj.)”,“improve(v.)”等。


④ 如果题目要求最后一段举例,则我们可以把文章的结尾改成例子:如手机、因特网等是如何提高了生活效率的。


我们今天处在科技发展日新月异的信息时代,90% 的科技文献是用英语写成.科技英语文献与普通英语文本从语言结构上看都是由语音、词汇和语法构成,但随着其运用的规范性,科技英语在文体风格上的专业性、客观性和精确性越来越突出,已成为一门独立的文体,它非常注重语义逻辑上的连贯性和表达的明晰性.在翻译过程中应结合科技英语的文体特征力求表达科技英语的专业性客观性和精确性.

1 词汇特点及翻译


( 1) 纯科技词汇,即那些只用于某个专业或学科的专门词汇和术语,如 diode( 二极管) 、isotope( 同位素) 等.由于此类词义精确而狭窄,了解专门词汇和术语是准确翻译的第一步; ( 2) 常用词汇的专业化.有相当多的专门词汇和术语来自英语的常用词汇,但用到某一专业领域却成了专业技术用语,具有严格的科学含义,如Convert the following denary numbers base 8. ( 把下列各十进制换算成以 8 为基值的数) ,base( 基地)意为基值.新兴科学在传统科学的影响下,尽量利用常用旧词,赋新义于旧词;

( 3) 通用科技词汇,即不同专业经常使用的那些词汇,数量较大,出现的频率也高,但在不同的专业里有较为稳定的词义.如 base 一词,在无线电专业词义为“基极”; 在计算机专业词义为“基值”; 在机械专业词义为“机器的底座”在航天科技领域词义为“发射场”; ( 4) 词汇构成的多元化.新的科技词语层出不穷,大量科技新词以借用、合成法、缩略法和派生词等形式出现.以派生词为例,由前缀 hydro -,hyer-和 inter -构成的词条在科技英语中就有 2000 多条.科技文献翻译需要译者既要精通英语,又要懂得专业知识,由于科技英语词汇的复杂多变,科技英语译者要善于通过词汇的专业语境、词语搭配、句法结构及上下文判定词义.以词语搭配为例,动词与名词的搭配,形容词与名词修饰名词在意义上很不相同,如 an efficient exert 和 an efficiency ex-ert分别意为“一个做事高效的专家”和“一个效率专家”.

2 句法特点及翻译


2. 1 无灵名词作主语

英语把表示有生命体的名词列为有灵名词( animate nouns) ,把表示无生命体的名词列为无灵名词( inanimate nouns) .科技文体的第 1 个显着特点是无灵名词作主语的句子很多,这主要是因为科技文献所描述和讨论的是科技事实或科学发现,科技文献所报告的主要是自然的规律或科技活动的成果,因而无人称句子使用频繁.有灵名词和无灵名词作主语的句子使用相同谓语时,意义是不一样的,试比较下列句子的意义: Thegrinding machine refused to stop.磨床就是停不下来. ( 无灵名词作主语) They refuse to give u.他们拒绝放弃.

2. 2 被动语态的广泛应用根据英国利兹大学John Swales 的统计,科技英语中的谓语至少三分之一是被动语态.这是因为根据文章侧重叙事推理,强调客观准确.第一、二人称使用过多,会造成主观臆断的印象,因而被动语态就成了追求叙述客观性和规范性的一种重要语言手段.例如: E-lectrical energy can be stored in two metal batteriesseparated by an insulating medium. Such a device iscalled a capacitor,and its ability to store electrical en-ergy is termed capacitance. It is measured in farads.这段短文中各句的主语分别为: Electrical energy;

Such a device; its ability to store electrical energy; It( Capacitance) .它们都包含了较多的信息,并且处于句首的位置,非常醒目.此外,4 个主语完全不同,避免了单调重复,前后连贯,

自然流畅.被动结构确实表达简洁客观的效果.事实上,英语被动语句中常用的 by 在日常英语中多表达行为的执行者,在科技英语中,则常可表达方式、手段或原因状语.

2. 3 使用科技长句的倾向科技英语表达科学原理、规律、概念以及各事物之间错综复杂的关系,而复杂的科学思维往往无法使用简单句来表达,所以语法结构复杂的长句较多应用于科技英语.了解英语长句的“树状”结构,明确主句的主语、谓语和宾语及从句和修饰成分的引导词,分析几层意思之间的相互逻辑关系,再按照汉语的特点和表达方式,正确地译出原文的意思,不必拘泥于原文的形式.例如: Behaviorists suggest that the child who is

raised in an environment where there are many stimuliwhich develop his or her capacity for appropriate re-sponses will experience greater intellectual development.行为主义者认为,如果儿童的成长环境里有许多刺激因素,如果这些因素能培养其适当反应的能力,那么,儿童的智力就会发展到较高的水平.本句的主语为“behaviorists”,谓语是动词“suggest”,宾语是一个宾语从句,由连词“that”引导.该宾语从句中,主语部分是“the child...re- sponses”,其中“the child”是主语,其后面跟有 3 个限制性定语从句 : 第 1 个是由关系代词“who”引导; 第 2 个是由关系副词“where”引导; 第 3 个是由关系代词“which”引导.本句翻译的难点在把“which”引导的定语从句译为状语从句,把动词短语“experience greater intellectual development”,译为“智力发展到较高的水平”,更符合汉语表达.英语的句子结构和叙述方式与汉语不同,在阅读英语长句时容易造成思维阻断,遇到长句时以句 法和逻辑为导向,采用抓句子核心的理解方式是切实可行的.科技英语在其演变和发展过程中逐渐形成自身特有的体裁或文体风格,汉英科技英语翻译应忠实原义、逻辑正确、语言通顺,在实践中应遵循深刻理解原义,确切表达合乎科技文章的语言结构特色的译文的原则.科技英语翻译工作者除了要有良好的专业知识外,了解科技英语与普通英语文体的差异,掌握一些科技文章的语言结构特色,对于科技翻译无疑是大有裨益的.